Saturday, 18 May 2013

All Dressed Up

I love dressing up and have boxes upon boxes of fancy dress costumes piled up on my wardrobes.  This makes me feel less cruel when I dress my boys up in silly clothes.  I found this little frog outfit last week and fell in love.  Although he may not look that impressed in this photo, I can assure you that Archie was very happy and looked utterly gorgeous as a froglet

Hat, long sleeved vest and trousers - £6.99 from H&M

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Boys in Blue

I love to co-ordinate the boys, not usually in matching outfits, but in complimentary colours and today I subconsciously dressed us all in baby blue and white.  

Dylan wore a T-shirt over long sleeved white vest as he often does as I know that his clothes will last for longer that way.  We have a huge selection of long sleeved vests so that his summer Tees can be worn all year.  Archie was comfy in a sleepsuit, however at 12 weeks he is starting to wear more outfits during the days.

Dylan Wears:
Big Brother T-shirt - Next
Jeans - Next
Vest - Tesco
Cars Bib - Tesco

Archie Wears:

Sleepsuit - JojoMamanBebe

There is something about baby boys in blue and white that is just irresistible  and despite the fact I love Archie in brights, he does have a few traditional pieces in classic baby boy colours.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Fashion Find - Me and I

When I was pregnant, I worried that boys' clothing would be a little boring to shop for.  Baby girls have so many options with beautiful dresses and tutus as well as jeggings, jeans and rompers.  Since becoming a mama I have realised that there are some amazing places to buy boy's clothes from and despite my wardrobe being in desperate need of an update, the boy's have cupboards full of colour and style.

One of my favourite fashion finds for children is Swedish brand Me&I.  Their clothes are often unisex and always fun and colourful.  I discovered them at the baby show when Dylan was 5 months old and have been hooked ever since.  

Dylan wears:

T-shirt - Me & I
Jeans - Next
Hat - Platypus

They are certainly not the cheapest brand around, but the quality is second to none and if you are bringing up a little trendsetter then they are definitely worth checking out.  I know that once Dylan has out grown his Me & I clothing it will still be in brilliant condition for Archie as despite much wearing and washing everything is still looking beautifully bright.

My Wishlist for this season is looking a lot like this:


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Meet the Family

Let me start by introducing you to the family.  I am Bex, Mama to two gorgeous littles who you are going to see plenty more of.  Dylan is a cheeky toddler at 21 months and with gorgeous dark blonde floppy hair, blue eyes and an amber teething necklace is often rocking a surfer dude look.  Archie is 11 weeks and is growing at an astonishing rate meaning he only gets to wear his clothes once or twice at the moment before they get put away again! He looks best in bright colours although he has plenty of classic blue.

With the beautiful weather this weekend we decided a trip to Whitstable beach was in order and we went for a nautical theme with lots of stripes

Dylan wears:

T-shirt - Next
Jeans - H&M
Trainers - Clarks

Archie wears:

Dungarees - Mothercare

 My Little Family