Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Boys in Blue

I love to co-ordinate the boys, not usually in matching outfits, but in complimentary colours and today I subconsciously dressed us all in baby blue and white.  

Dylan wore a T-shirt over long sleeved white vest as he often does as I know that his clothes will last for longer that way.  We have a huge selection of long sleeved vests so that his summer Tees can be worn all year.  Archie was comfy in a sleepsuit, however at 12 weeks he is starting to wear more outfits during the days.

Dylan Wears:
Big Brother T-shirt - Next
Jeans - Next
Vest - Tesco
Cars Bib - Tesco

Archie Wears:

Sleepsuit - JojoMamanBebe

There is something about baby boys in blue and white that is just irresistible  and despite the fact I love Archie in brights, he does have a few traditional pieces in classic baby boy colours.

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